Beauty Surrounds You

There’s a popular game played in the corporate sector (aside from showing up for work) where a team leader asks, if you could only choose 5 people to help you successfully accomplish a task whom would you choose?  This forces people to think about what they value and need in the people that surround them each day.

If you could choose the people that surround you, whom would you choose?  I  would choose 1.  salon and spa professionals because they spend their lives helping people feel and look their best.  For me, that is the reason appointmentlink exists; to show people hey,  know about people that will care about you.  My second choice are people that love horses.  I didn’t know I’d feel this way until yesterday when I went to a ranch in Lake Luzerne, New York named Bennett Riding Stables.  I saw horses actually snuggling with the woman in this photo.   Third, I’d choose engineers.  In my humble opinion, they are so unique that you need an engineer in your life simply to question you.  Fourth, artists because they have something they want to share.  Fifth, comedians.  And we all know why.

Here’s where I spent my day, surrounded by love and beauty.  How are you spending your time?


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